Project Sanity host Scott Andrew is joined by representatives from four different organisations advocating the installation of a new life-grounded socioeconomic paradigm for an update on the upcoming global World Summit event.

Pushing forward for an exponential breakthrough of global unification and global empathy towards a social transformation out of our current life-blind self-terminating socioeconomic system, we discuss the mini-summit held in Mexico in January 2018 and the core common ground arrived at; the social dis-ease necessitating and supporting this social transformation; what we can expect as we move forward and how we can work together to manifest the main World Summit event into existence.


Jenny ChungThe Venus Project.
Gabor KissENVIENTA Open Source Everything.
Charlotte WennerMoving Forward—RBE Learning Network.
Robert SchramUnited Earth.



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Source: ENVIENTA Open Source Everything

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