Community business developer, trainer, facilitator, organisation developer, coach

We have reached a strategic point when we have to talk about our advisors as well. Within ENVIENTA, many professionals are helping our work at part-time or in specific phases, but there are some tasks when we have to work with external consultants in some special areas.

In the “Advisors” section, we will introduce them one by one.

The name, Gusztáv Vágvölgyi, could be familiar to many people, as Pablo was one of the lecturers (in Hungarian) at OSCEDays 2017 Budapest conference (organized by ENVIENTA).

Community business developer, trainer, facilitator, organisation developer, coach
Let me share with you Pablo’s introduction:

“I am a theoretical person, I believe that understanding the nature of things will help to make them work in practice even that seems subjective like as a community quality. As an organizational developer, I have found that any organizational problem can be traced back to the quality of human relationships, so I am currently working on the development of a community business as an organizational model. I want to share the knowledge that I gathered and make it easy to access for everyone who works on such a great things just like the ENVIENTA team. I believe that community quality can greatly contribute to achieving the goals of social sustainability initiatives, so I help ENVIENTA with my organizational development skills.“

We had several meetings with Pablo and we already had a training session in Budapest. The organization of ENVIENTA is a difficult kind of a “company” since there bits of non-profit, non-governmental organization, enterprise, open-source, decentralized organization… who does not pay much attention to understanding our movement is difficult to position us on the economic and social map of the current world system. Fortunately, we met with Gusztáv Vágvölgyi?—?Pablo, who fully understands our ideas, shares our vision about the world, so he can help us with qualified and effective advice.

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A közösségi vállalkozásokról Vágvölgyi Gusztáv Pabló—OSCE Days 2017

Vágvölgyi Gusztáv—Pabló

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