You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
Buckminster Fuller


Our fossil fuel addiction is the main cause for pollution, global warming, geopolitical tensions and…terrorism.
The most addicted is Big Auto. And with their legacy to protect, they’re stuck in the 20th century.
• Old product: polluting, inefficient, high cost per km, planned obsolescence
• Old organization: closed, innovation aversive hierarchy
• Old manufacturing system: centralized mass production with high barriers to entry
• Old business model: supply-side centric, based on ownership


Disrupt Big Auto! Create from scratch a new supply&demand ecosystem.
• New product: clean, efficient, affordable, designed to last, software intensive, modular, simple
• New organization: open, innovation friendly networked meritocracy
• New manufacturing system: distributed, no barriers to entry
• New business model: demand-side centric, based on p2p rentership and sharing


We have to start with the most polluting and inefficient usages: urban mobility and commuting. We have to build, from scratch, a viable personal mobility solution.
With no legacy to protect and armed with a new mindset, Mobotiq wants to make the fittest solution in this field. The only way to achieve this is p2p design, p2p fabrication & p2p usage.


Mobotiq is focusing on the trike platform-chassis. This is the most critical part, as it deals with safety. We are currently building and testing the first prototype. Once everything works fine we will create an OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY around the project.
Thanks to the modular architecture of the trike, YOU will be able to hack, customize, improve and upgrade it. Design and make your own cabin for it. Sell your designs, modules or apps to the community.


Mobotiq is designing the whole thing with a DIY mindset. We will provide different configurations of fabrication kits. Users will assembly their trikes at home. That distributed manufacturing scheme will give the project an even bigger chance against conventional competition.


The trike will be equipped for p2p rental or sharing, by design. Mobotiq will provide the necessary infrastructure: communication, geo location, scheduling, booking and billing. Up to you to share it, rent it or launch business with it.



  • Simple and modular electric car or trike
  • It’s the simplest architecture that integrates a roofed, safe and comfortable cabin: a reverse trike.
  • The simplicity is also achieved by a complete modularity. The 2 main modules are the platform-chassis and the cabin. The platform-chassis is also modular, composed by frame, suspension-arms and battery.
  • Modularity helps us lower the price and usage costs.
  • It also allows us to offer longevity instead of planned obsolescence. You only have to replace the damaged or obsolete module, not the entire vehicle.
  • The most part of the vehicle upgrades will be software updates.


mobotiqWe designed the cabin as a survival cell.The pilot is completely surrounded by airbags, like in a cocoon. We eliminated the dangerous steering column and we integrated an innovative system to dissipate the energy of impacts. Our control software includes active safety features, enabled by our smart architecture. Ultra safe electric car or trike.




With 1m width, the trike is agile in traffic and able to split lanes.


mobotiqFor safety and comfort reasons the Mobotiq trike is leaning in curves. The leaning is assured by an innovative system, combining electric actuators, gyroscopes and active suspension.


mobotiqA manual “swap and carry” system for the battery, will allow you to charge your battery on an ubiquitous wall plug. Even in your upper floor apartment.


mobotiqThis architecture is enabled by the longitudinal suspensions.
The main advantage is an increased structural strength by avoiding lateral doors openings.
It also allows a safer access with the vehicle parked toward the sidewalks.


mobotiqThe modular architecture gives you the opportunity to fully customize your vehicle.
You will be able to configure your vehicle online and assembly it at home. You could buy only the platform-chassis then design and manufacture your own cabin. Even build a business upon and become a cabin supplier for the community.


Electric vehicles usage costs are already almost 10 times lower than conventional vehicles.
Our trike will be equipped for p2p rental by design, so you will be able to lower your costs even more.

Instead of keeping it parked 90% of the time, you’ll have the opportunity to rent it to other members of the community.


About The Author

ENVIENTA is a next generation sharing economy model, a DIY maker movement and community-based solution package for the 21st century, which provides share of know-how, blueprints, products and resources for the members. It's a peer-to-peer open source platform cooperative, a sustainable, cost-effective, decentralized and laterally scaled socioeconomic framework. ENVIENTA is a community controlled initiative with full transparency. As part of our purpose we're operating as a registered non-profit association.

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