Question: Are you building a hotel now? Answer: NO!

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me: are we collecting money for a hotel? A loud screaming was starting in my head because the answer is clear: NOOOOO! The ENVIENTA project is more than that. We do not only offering a solution for affordable housing, but also nutrition, education, and everyday people’s needs.

However, my family members, always ask: “What’s up with the container-house project?” In this situation, I feel sad because there were many conversations about the project, but people can only stick to the visible and tangible things. Basically, these are the buildings.

When the Project Center comes into the focus in a discussion, I always try to explain to my friends/acquaintances the essence: we are building an environment in where you can live and you can produce food in a modern environment without getting your hands dirty. You do not even have to go shopping. We have to create a model and we have to show to the world that it is working, and this is a way that can be followed.

Most of the questions are about building, so Ok and let’s talk about this, although this article should have been written by Gabriel Kiss, after all, he is the architect and all of these plans were created by his genius brain.

The location

The project will be built near Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. Here we got a wedge-shaped plot and plans were made for this land.

The buildings

Here is a video which was made before we changed our logo, so anyone who just meets our project at the first time can see the old ENVIENTA logo. Personally, I liked it.

3D print furniture, self-contained garden, robotic household, all at affordable prices. (Click on the video and go around!)

The same on pictures:

Indoor spaces


When we converted the prices to ETH, we have to admit that we were surprised. The indicated prices, of course, apply only to raw materials and parts. The cost of the services is not included (like construction). After the successful campaign (which we hope you will also support), we will prepare and you can download the blueprints altogether with the documented assembly process which will be created in parallel with the construction. Of course, we also think that every country needs to customize the buildings regarding the local climatic conditions but let’s not go so far. Let’s focus on this Project Center only.

Sometimes we only need simple solutions to get further. The first blocking factor is the high cost of housing. There are people who pay a lifetime loan or live in a rented apartment for a life. The second place is nutrition. Phase 1 provides solutions to these problems.

Because everything in our work is open source (as the ENVIENTA slogan says: Open Source Everything), with your token purchase (investment), you will the part of our project: we can provide a valid housing alternative to thousands of people. Come and get involved in this process. Here’s our campaign: ENVIENTA-The affordable and self-sustaining living space of the future


Source: Envienta Open Source Everything

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