From Googleplex to regeneration

Our life has been about working on our presentation for two days. The question is always the same: What are we going to say if we have 1 minute or 5 minutes to present the business model, the payback etc. of ENVIENTA?

We have completely altered the pitch with Gabor… we are practically building it up again from zero. But seriously, this is the hardest of all, you are within your own project, you can’t take a step back and look at it from outside.

You have to destroy everything and start again, dig the foundation. This gives your mind a stronger structure of arguments which enables you to have a better opportunity to be successful…

In the meantime I am getting emails and unknown people try to befriend me on Instagram who want to “talk to me”. Let me not reveal my opinion in this matter, but American mentality is totally different and after clearing up some misunderstandings, we can find out things like they are interested in ENVIENTA so much, that they want to call me back after reading the white paper.

All this started with the fact that my friend, István helped me to take photos of me that are suitable for normal PR communication. I definitely know that everything started with that photo. So, many thanks to you for the photo.

There must be something in the Instagram algorithm in the background, as well, which loves Story posting… The whole thing is like a film, but seriously: people come from nowhere and you never know who is the person with the connections you can use to trigger off what we have been working on for years.

I am restarting the calculation, which is known in this profession as “Profit and Loss”.

It is practically an Excel sheet with several tabs where you project the prospective future preferably with pessimistic figures to make it more credible. Well, I have edited it really strictly. Yes, the producers are coming into the system very slowly, we are going to have very few customers in the beginning and there is going to be a slow increase, etc. Expenses will rise on the other side, we have to organise a group of minimum 10 people or outsource developing etc.

We find out here, among other things, how much of investor’s capital we need to make accelerated increase. If everything goes slowly, it is a major drawback, the world is not stupid, other people are bursting with ideas, too. I didn’t start this today and I have seen (or created) a project or two where the competitor which was invisible at the very start, beat us. We have to avoid it and (although we have different views on this within the group) I think this can be solved only with some seed money.

We bike sometimes to avoid visualising figures everywhere.

The place we visited last time was Googleplex, the centre of Google in Mountain View. Since it was Sunday, everything was closed and it was funny, because a lot of people visited the “village” of Google. This is a real part of a city and you can see it with your own eyes: a lot of people do live in mobile homes (to avoid paying the high rent for flats).

Just when I was writing this, I got an email from a guy we talked to at the very first Angel meeting. In the email he is explaining—going really into detail—how and what we should do to make our offer more clear and understandable, which parts we should pay more attention to. Well, this is the best part: on every meetup we find something to learn and we suck up first hand knowledge like a sponge.

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