We have been working a lot on the ICO campaign, website and the white paper and other documents such as the elaboration of SAFT and KYC.

Therefore we have spent less time on the physical appearance of our project. But doing the pitch is important, as well. One of our friends suggested us to submit our application for the event in London of CAPCO—SCTAG Ltd.

Our CEO, Gabor flew from Spain to London, and we prepared for our presentation. If someone knows how does look like the life of a startupper, is aware of that preparations and works are often done during the night. Changes are made sometimes even in the last minutes.

We thought that we would have to go on stage to do the presentation in London, but it came out very quickly that it is more likely a roundtable behind closed doors. We had been chosen out of 30 startuppers. So finally 3 ICOs were in the room. I have to admit, that this result was a significant validation, already. Some people from the jury representing SCTAG Ltd. flew from Switzerland to take part in this meeting. Half of the jury were the specialists of English and Swiss crypto- and classical model of investments, such as Ismail Malik, Andreas Müller, Romal Almazo, Reiner Janse van Rensburg, Adrian Wynter, Rajdip Pal and Garry Martin, head of the event.

After our first presentation, it was clear, that we were given more time than 15. So Gabor changed and instead of the pitch presentation he had opened envienta.com website and through our webpage, he had shown the ENVIENTA project substantially. All the people at the meeting had understood at first, what we are working on and how does it fit into a hybrid business model providing solutions for environmental, social and economic challenges, at the same time. It was a very positive and serious feedback for us.

I have to admit, that we have learned a lot as well. Through a startup came up the security and non-fungible tokens (it is an ERC-721 Ethereum standard, making available the tokenization of physical products and resources. It was firstly used in CryptoKittes in the world).

All the people had voted for us with one voice, which was a great satisfaction for us, considering that the jury consisted of such strong specialists.
Upon the feedbacks, we know that we are on the right way (we could answer all question precisely). We continue with an advisory process, as there is always a need of external advisory. Soon we are back in London to meet the potential investors of our ENVIENTA project. We will report it, too.

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