We, members of the ENVIENTA, believe that promoting our education and philosophy is the best way to make a big impact worldwide. That is why we thought that if Phase 1 was completed during the ICO, then we would spend the remaining money on education and promotion.

The first phase is also about education and technology alternatives, but Phase 2 is the extension of this by developing curriculums, organizing events, mentoring activities and promoting the opportunities and services offered by ENVIENTA.

Our future curriculums will include a wide range of training materials from the simplest course of lifestyle to a wide range of high-tech professional (robotics, renewable systems, smart gardening, blockchain technologies, alternative economic and social models, etc.). Even though we make our materials free of charge regarding our philosophy, but we will also provide paid training and conferences in our training center. From this point of view, our business model is most similar to TED conferences, where the material of the conference is available for free of charge, but for personal participation, you have to use your ENVIENTA tokens.

Although we always underline that ENVIENTA is a fundamentally social purpose movement, we have the associated business model for every phase so that our business can be economically sustainable. In the 1st phase, we are going to make our apartment buildings, tools and devices to be able to rent, in the case of Phase 2, we will offer paid education, consulting and sponsorship in our events for the tokens purchased in our ICO.

We believe, that the free access to knowledge created by the ENVIENTA project has a high social benefit, and we can also provide a viable business model with serious market potential. We hope that many of you will see business potential in our project, which will bring plenty of other social benefits also, and this will help us to achieve our goals.

ENVIENTA will shortly launch an ICO token sales campaign and you will be able to bring us closer to our goals. Our Campaign page is available here: https://www.kickico.com/campaigns/6003/envienta-home-of-the-future-with-efficiency


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