White paper updated to Version 5

Our ICO token related white paper have been updated with a document which contains ENVIENTA’s history, present situation, and plans for the future. It also includes a more detailed presentation of the project and the budget.

We are now upgrading again to Version 5, which completes the budget allocation for the 4-phase of our project. Everything is more detailed and it includes pie charts, making sure that our organization is always transparent to our potential investors in the future.

Phase 3

In brief (we will create a detailed blog post about it), Phase 3 covers the development of the ENVIENTA platform and the related marketing and operating costs:

Phase 4

Phase 4 covers the cost of the production and distribution through the ENVIENTA platform. We have to expect here higher costs concerning more and larger design, manufacturing, and distribution tasks. We are also going to publish a post soon about our Phase 4 plans.

See updated White paper HERE. You can find ICO token sale page HERE.

If you have questions or you just want to stay up to date please join us at ENVIENTA Official Telegram group.


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