ENVIENTA is on its way to Silicon Valley…

When you are reading this article, Gabor and I are flying high above the Atlantic Ocean or Canada. But let’s start at the beginning…

ENVIENTA might be before its time, as many people would think, but there are (and I am talking mainly about Gabor’s experiences in Hungary) more and more people who recognize the opportunity in this solution-package in the present economic-ecologic system.

Apart from this, we got the idea: what would be the reaction to our project in Silicon Valley? The thought evolved into a plan, and we found somebody to support this plan and here we are, we set off for this (as we call it) “study tour” to California.

Just to make things clear, it is a study tour, because our primary goal is to chart up the environment of the Silicon Valley, both from developer’s and investor’s side. We have organised meetings with famous persons and there is one, we don’t even talk about, just look at each other smiling. These might not come true? Is this only a dream? I don’t know but one thing is sure: we got the necessary permits, we have visas and we are sitting on the plane.’

Let me be a little sentimental here.

On the way to London Heathrow Airport, when we were looking out of the window of the night bus, we saw a billboard, advertising California, saying “Dream big!”. I have to admit I got tears in my eyes a bit. Not the advertisement in London itself (I had never seen it before) but my brain said, read the signs (and that is an awesome feeling).

I am planning to appear here on the blog every day with shorter or longer reports. Follow ENVIENTA Instagram channel, too, which we actively use.


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