Our ICO campaign’s page has been updated! What?! Why?

The page of the ENVIENTA ICO campaign has been updated yesterday and you can find the details below. We don’t want to waste your time, so here is the list of changes:

  • We have created a whitelist where you can register yourself as our potential investor/supporter (you have to enter basic information there, not a long one). With filling out the form you will have a higher chance to have the bonuses which will be distributed at the beginning of the campaign. http://envienta.com/whitelist.
  • BTW bonuses! As long as we reach 1000 ETH each investor gets +30% more ENV tokens from us, and between 1000 and 2000 ETH the bonus value will be +15% more. If you want to apply to this opportunity, please subscribe to the whitelist.
  • The whole phase 4 documentation was rewritten to make it even more understandable. We understand that our project seems too complex, but there is no way to make it more simple or easy to understand. If you ask us on any platform we would be happy to help!
  • We’ve extended the description of revenue models by adding more details (based on feedbacks we realized sometimes it’s not clear enough how are we going to get revenue by each phase).
    We have extended the description of the ENV tokens possible usages (based on feedbacks also).
  • Some of our followers/supporters have already bought KickICO tokens in advance so this kind of support has been added to the options (we still expect the smart contracts from the KickCo platform so it’s not clear how this will be wired but we will inform everyone in time).
  • We are still waiting for the KickICO platform, which promises to give a green light for our campaign soon. That is why we had to change our timeline.
  • The members of the team appear now in color pictures instead of the black&white tableau.
  • The page has been expanded with our partners’ logos. Just by taking a short look at them we realized how many of them are supporting us now.

The white paper will be updated very soon and there is only one debt remained here: a graphical explanation on the possible usage of ENV tokens. In short, ENV tokens will have more values even if they being traded on cryptocurrency exchanges later, so we advise you to keep them (HOLD) and use them for the listed services and products.

Finally, we thank you in advance for your trust and any kind of support that will make progress the ENVIENTA project.

The updated Campaign page is available here:


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