ENVIENTA Platform mini-meetup

In case of UFOs a close encounter of the first kind is when we have seen one, that of the second kind is when we have taken an image of them and a close encounter of the third kind is when we have managed to get in touch with them.

Something similar happened to Attila and Laszlo, the developers of the ENVIENTA Platform who had never met each other, they had been communicating only online, checking their tasks with each other from afar. They just got convinced that they really exist in a café in Pécs (Hungary) recently.

As members of an international organization, the ENVIENTA we live all over the world, so every occasion is unique when we get a chance to meet in person, and although Attila and Laszlo both live in Hungary, it was not easy to span the 250 km distance between them.

Our organization, for that matter, is an excellent example of cooperation using advanced technology between the members of an organization even if they are separated by continents. We coordinate their activities on the phone, via chat, online meetings and internet platforms, still we are just as effective as if we worked in the same office.

Attila and Laci are actually working on creating beta and the final version of the ENVIENTA Platform soon, so there is going to be a communication surface for the open-source code developments, which helps to avoid the different problems coming from not knowing and not being close to each other.

As the members of ENVIENTA we all know very well that our achievements come rather from the creation and use of the suitable communication spaces. As soon as the Platform is finished, we will finally have the opportunity to enable remote or not yet communicating open source idea owners, developers, manufacturers, forwarders, investors and customers simply get in touch and organize the cooperation easily. So eventually a live, and which was commented by Laszlo: “There is at least one man here who can prove that I can not only exist virtually.”

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