DIY Festival Hungary, 2018

If we like to find the reason for Do It Yourself movement, we simply have to understand how human mind works creatively. Besides automation and digital technologies, there is still existence of natural need to create something with our own hands to change something directly around us or just make it happen in our own ways. A DIY movement in a way, can be a solution for environmental and sustainability challenges. That’s why ENVIENTA supports everything around the DIY.

Thanks to the DIY movement, now there are many maker- and hackerspaces around the world. At these places we can not only create new tools and gadgets etc., but also we can repair (or get it fixed by community members) our home equipment and therefore reduce environmental impacts. These community spaces are mostly taken by inhabitants, who prefer utilising locally available resources and materials which is the behaviour that supports sustainability also.

This summer ENVIENTA Hungary will organise Do It Yourself Festival offering a great opportunity to popularise such movements. Our primary goal is to present the “maker culture” and its experience the joy of DIY. The secondary goal is to organise a project addressing local affairs through which the local participants will be enabled to work together and feel the community achievement.

Literally, the Do It Yourself Festival will be an entertaining, playful and informative meetups for maker- and hackerspaces in order to become acquainted with the most diverse technologies. ENVIENTA Hungary will put its utmost effort to represent as many hungarian maker groups as possible. Therefore we would like to present it in a separate series of articles.

Festival program plan:

  • Common affair, common purpose (solving local problems with community crafting)
  • Games for children and adults
  • Learn how 3D design and printing work
  • Robotics show
  • Smart home solutions
  • Workshops (wood crafting, laser cutting, 3D printing, robotics for beginners)
  • Exhibitions and projections
  • Lectures and discussions (maker culture, open source, sharing economy, sustainability and environmental protection, etc.)
  • Evening concert, party, craft beer

Festival booking/ticketing, detailed program, location and date will be available in May.

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