We at ENVIENTA believe that technological progress can bring abundance and unlimited wealth to people.

This is only possible if every human beings is able to access to technology. If it’s only the privilege of the rich, then we’ll see even greater social inequality, poverty and unemployment instead of prosperity for the greater part of mankind. The open source approach could help everyone benefit from the abundance of technology.

This is the vision of ENVIENTA and the action plan is this:

1. Innovation and training center

The first phase is the construction of an innovation and training center, which is also a working prototype of a self-sustainable lifestyle. We are able to show people what kind of world they can expect when we have free access to technology. Buildings are constructed in cost-effective ways, using recycled raw materials. Thanks to the hydro- and aquaponic systems, we are able to produce food locally. The park can be visited for 1 week turnovers. During this time, guests will learn about not only the vision of ENVIENTA, but useful technics of self-sustainability.

2. Development of education materials

The second phase is the development of teaching materials. We believe that education plays a key role in helping people understand the essence of ENVIENTA’s vision and later assist in its realization. We hope that people involved in education will build their own buildings or even their own innovation and training centers, thus spreading the ENVIENTA philosophy, which can become a world-wide movement and eventually a source of radical change.

3. ENVIENTA platform

The third—and perhaps most important—phase is the development of the ENVIENTA platform, which collects open source projects and people—thinkers, developers, designers, etc.—working on them. In addition, we provide support for crowdfounding and decentralized manufacturing. Thus, from the idea to the realization, the platform helps the projects throughout their life cycle and the participants to find each other.

4. Decentralized manufacturing

The fourth and probably the final phase is to establish a well scalable decentralized manufacturing and distribution infrastructure. Here, a large part of the investment can help create new manufacturing sites, co-working and makerspaces to support local open source developments. In fact, these sites will be the “production capacity” of ENVIENTA, and the outcome is the “product portfolio”. As Uber is the largest taxi service without cars and AirBnb is the largest hotel network without real estate, ENVIENTA can be the largest manufacturer of open source, high-tech, sustainable products but does not actually have its own design and manufacturing capacity.

ENVIENTA will launch an ICO token sales campaign soon. You can find more information in our whitepaper or at the link below: https://www.kickico.com/campaigns/6003/envienta-home-of-the-future-with-efficiency

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