The values of ENVIENTA

Every vision, every goal, every action must have values behind. The vision of ENVIENTA is a realization of values. All the activities and goals represent the way we are thinking about the world and the future.

What does ENVIENTA mean? It is an abbreviation for ENVIsioning & ENcouraging Technological Alternatives. We have committed ourselves to elaborate and develop technologies solving the challenges of the ecological, social and economic crisis of nowadays.

Crises happen when people do not change their way of thinking despite the changed circumstances. Accordingly, the global crisis might be solved only if we are able to go through a paradigm shift, to go through an evolution of social. We believe that this evolution has already started. We at ENVIENTA aim to promote and support it.

Global warm, starvation, lack of water, poverty, homelessness? The existence of these problems, considering our technological opportunities are totally absurd. The technologies of the present are ready to solve these problems. The only real problem is, that the solution doesn’t get there where they are needed. Mostly because of economic reasons, and because of the lack of the right environment behind. These facts might be changed by a paradigm shift.

ENVIENTA supports the innovations of open sources. Open source ensures
the free access for anybody at any time to the results of the innovations for free. The real solution would be to provide the production or the sale of the products that solve the problems, as well. In order to have both of the opportunities available, ENVIENTA promotes two other trends, such as the spreading of makerspaces (places for local manufacturing), and production technologies (eg.3D printing) which make possible industrial production in non-industrial circumstances.

Our most important goal is to network these systems. We network the individuals and entrepreneurs who are working on open sources. Therefore we have created the ENVIENTA Platform, which connects supply and demand.

The above-mentioned production technologies, makerspaces and ENVIENTA Platform do create an environment of communication and economic ensuring to reach technological innovations all around the world. Resources can drift quicker and easier where they are needed too.

We think it is important because we believe that free access to resources is the congenital and unalienable right of humankind. Only the right infrastructure must be elaborated and used to ensure this right for everyone. The right to freedom of mankind is only worthed if it is not only accepted, but the conditions to live with it are available, too. That makes a law practiced.

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