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We are pleased to announce Dr. Alexandra Köves, an ecological economist at the Corvinus University of Budapest, as an advisor at the ENVIENTA project.
Alexandra completed her first degree at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, and was held in international economics and in German-Spanish. Later she did the International Relations postgraduate training at the Vienna Diplomacy Academy. During the first ten years of her career, she worked in the Hungarian public administration with development policy, mainly with social development, eight years in the top management. After spending time in public administration, she took part in several domestic and international projects as an expert, consultant, project manager.

The one and a half decade of development policy have raised topics which questioning the fundamentals of the development of the economy and society. She also did her doctorate at the Corvinus University of Budapest in the scope of ecological economics in the field of sustainable employment.

Since then, she has also participated in future researches on how to create systems with more sustainable environments and more equitable society. According to her belief, how we think about the future, what we consider possible or impossible determines what we want or want to do in the present or not. That is why initiatives are important in the civil, academic or economic sectors that support to the transition to such systems.

As a guest of the ENVIENTA OSCE Days, she has been focusing on backcasting research, from which gives us a very utopian vision. Considering the limits of growth and other megatrends, these are realistic alternatives. The processes are about glocalization, the redefinition of work, the social role of economic actors and the new type of political system.

Following the OSCE Days event in Budapest, we were surprised to find that the results of the backcasting researches described by Alexandra cover nearly 100% of the ideas what we have developed in previous years. The information which is obtained this way is more like a conscious planning of the future than simple predictions. Since ENVIENTA providing tools, strategies, and services to this vision, it was obvious to us that we will look for a constructive form of cooperation.

We are facing a huge challenge. In the third year after the launch of ENVIENTA, it is becoming more clear to us that our ideas and proposed answers are ahead at least with a decade compared to nowaday’s solutions. Neither the conceptual, nor the cultural, nor the economic or legal environment is ready for a rapid paradigm shift. Although the disruptive effects of innovations are perceptible in every industry and show year to year that the speed of the growth is actually exponential, unfortunately, we could easily find ourselves at a technological singularity where most of the society cannot recognize what’s happening around them. Technological development is also a cause for social change, so we can easily find ourselves in an extreme position where the vulnerable majority, who cannot follow the changes could not compete with the slightly growing business and technology elite. We want to avoid this.

ENVIENTA puts the people at the focus, and with our open-source approach, we have a chance to engage the society in an ongoing dialogue which is not only about the direction of technological developments but also about their ethical and wise use. We imagine a kind of symbiosis in which man and technology complement each other, and this is only achieved by providing an open and free access.

We do not feel the term and/or a synonym for “market demand” is right in a situation where most of the society demands the disappearance of the market economy in the long run. Nevertheless, a wider presentation of Dr. Alexandra Köves’s research results serves as a reference for our current and future supporters and followers, whereby the “market” that we have targeted with our project—but with the help of traditional market research—does not exist yet. Only with the way of thinking beyond the present time.

Köves Alexandra on Digital Hungary

Book review of Köves Alexandra

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