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OSCEdays and ENVIENTA have been cooperating for some time now because we are sharing the same principles (as our slogan says: Open Source Everything). We undertook to organize the OSCEdays program of the Open Source Days program in Budapest on June 8, 2017. The event was successful. Presentations can be viewed on the Youtube Channel of Eco Logical Films (all the videos are in Hungarian).

If you want to know what is an open source code, it might worth visiting the OSCE’s website. My recommendation is to start at the Mission Statement page of the site.

Gábor Kiss (Envienta) – brief report on the OSCEDays 2017 Budapest event (Hungarian)

The OSCE objective is clear, but how does it relate to ENVIENTA’s work?

We should think of an open source work as an everyday’s project where we work alone or in a team, with a little difference: we all do this openly.

We should think of an open source work as an everyday’s project where we work alone or in a team, with a little difference: we all do this openly.

When we work in a team on a corporate, university, or hobby project, we share the information and resources within the team to get the job done. This can mean we are sharing data sheets, design files, software code, protocols, lists, and decisions also. We make this information available to the members in an easily editable form so they can use it, update it or apply part of it during their work.

We are doing the same when we are sharing our code as an open-source code: just publicly and permanently. Project discussions, files, and other resources are publicly accessible by anyone. It’s not getting published later, it’s published during the work. We are not writing an email just to publish it later, but we are sending them to a public mailing list and everybody can read and reply to them immediately.

ENVIENTA works like this. Everyone could watch all of our activities. There is no question or topic that we would like to avoid. There are no secret negotiations or agreements that others would not know. How can this work? It works because we’ve been living for more than two years.

For an ICO (and now we are working on ENVIENTA token release), it is essential to see everything for those, who put their trust in us (as they expressed their investment). They are our shareholders, even if they are not making direct decisions as in the case of a classical company.

We at ENVIENTA, we believe that this transparency is power, not weakness. In today’s world, we are lack of this kind of energy. Companies and organizations come and go as money are moving from A to B and in many cases, investors do not know how honest is the purpose of a given organisation. Well, we want to stay away from this kind of world. Our organization has also undergone this kind of disorders where the appearance of ego or even greed was a sign that transparency is the only way to keep the entire organization clean.

ENVIENTA is also committed to the open source with honor and mutual respect.

We consider this to be important because last Saturday (2nd of September 2017) we had an international video conference call with the OSCE leadership members related to developing the ENVIENTA ICO token campaign, and the ENVIENTA collaborative portal (or as we mentioned earlier in Phase 3) together. This will bring together our organizations and will create tighter collaboration between ENVIENTA and the OSCE.


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