If the conditions set up by our ICO sale campaign are met, and we gather more capital than which covers the 1st (Project Center) and the 2nd (Education Center and Open Source Education) phase, we can finish the ENVIENTA platform.

The development of the platform has already begun, but there is still a big need to involve additional developers and financial resources.

The essence of the portal’s functionality could be summarized in this way: imagine a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo type page with an option to involve additional actors at the beginning or the end of the process, covering the entire process from demand to production planning. In Phase 3, we would like to help to other open-source projects like our training center. On the ENVIENTA portal, the development cycle of an open source hardware device is the following:

  • A need from someone (or somebody) appears on a subject (but can not plan)
  • One or more developers who know how to plan will react (but can not manufacture it)
  • Other people will join in the process who wants to have the same product (but they do not want to be involved in the design).
  • Some players in the market will respond to the demand, who would like to distribute the product and they can deal with the logistics (but they are not manufacturers, they covers only marketing and sales).
  • Manufacturers are responding to the need whose are able to manufacture the product based on the already finished plans (but they do not want to sell/distribute).

The platform helps to gather all the required participants around the project, who can eventually make the product alive and they can drive the process from planning to production. Our platform provides assistance in the planning phase, during the crowdfunding campaign, and provides a market for open source products that are made by manufacturers from ENVIENTA partner network. The platform is free to use, the revenue comes from premium services, commissions from the crowdfunding campaigns, and sales which will be realized in tokens.

ENVIENTA will launch an ICO token sales campaign soon, and through your investment, you can bring us closer to our goals which are outlined above. You can find our campaign page here: https://www.kickico.com/campaigns/6003/envienta-home-of-the-future-with-efficiency


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