We only needed a blockchain renaissance to release our own ICO token

Serious things are taking shape, and it can now be said that we are starting to raise money on what we were dreaming of a few years ago. That summer, when the ENVIENTA project was born, we knew that there was a need for a crowdfunding campaign, but we also knew we did not have the right crowd. Honestly, I might be a bit too realistic (or you may call me pessimistic …), but I still don’t feel that we have (as a team) the required resources to start a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign (I’m not talking about our technical abilities and/or skillset but the financial capital). Each of us feels that we can’t fund our first steps just by our own money. But while the world is developing, technology has reached a more advanced level and we have reached a point where I have to say, I start to feel that we will be on-time in a right time.

The world’s technical economy has reached a revolutionary point that many people may not feel, but we are there, it’s happening right now. With the release of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies, we have come to the conclusion: projects like ours (even weaker ones) can accumulate so much capital within few days that they will be able to implement their plans. I don’t want to bother anyone with the details if you have questions, just ask us and we will answer them.

In a nutshell: a decentralized Russian Kickstarter-like page will start within 5 days. Precisely, this is an ICO which will be backed by a lot of people, because the founder Anti Danilevski, CEO KICKICO was leading a large group in Russia which helped so many start-ups in their Kickstarter campaigns. KICKICO will also be listed almost immediately on a famous Korean trading site. I leave the rest to your fantasies (as I know the majority of the Ethereum’s capital is mined in Korea).

The site’s name is KICKICO and as soon as they start (in September), other projects can be started immediately under their wings. In the last few days, we were working on our campaign, and I hope that we can get on their front/main page (it would be an honor for us).

We are in contact with the KICKICO team on a daily basis and have a good vibration with them. I can feel that they are very passionate about the project and very helpful to us as well. We know that there are 250 other projects in the background, which also waiting for the launch … (all built in Draft mode). The pleasure is that they have chosen us to be part of their front/main page altogether with computer games and their own ICO token sales campaign. They are crazy about ENVIENTA and they think we’ve done a brilliant job.

We can clearly see that most people are getting bored with digital startups and they want physical products and solutions instead. This is where the Hungarians are coming with their brilliant project and not just only in English but also in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Hindi languages. They want to solve housing, energy supply, nutrition, education and other social issues and they are not asking for a big amount of crypto funds (it is worth looking at the needs of other projects).

Two years ago when we were dreaming with the other founders about our future, I haven’t thought that we will reach this point and I think it’s understandable if my eyes swim with tears when I hear so much positive feedbacks. You are the one who joined us and we are working together to achieve our goals. We have hundreds of Facebook followers and volunteers worldwide, we had a conference not so long time ago, we are exhibitors at one of the Hungarian festivals and we are serious about building up what we dreamed about.

If this model works, the same should only be copied and applied to another country.

Here is our campaign at KICKICO

As soon as our campaign starts, we will have so many tasks and will need your support. Keep track of our campaign and subscribe now to KICKICO! Enjoy the rest of your day!


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