The book named “Standout” includes the short history of ENVIENTA and the introduction on the operation of the platform is coming out on July 20th, 2019, published by RemodAfrika and Okada Books.

The publication—just like the title suggests—takes a good look at the most outstanding initiatives. Its goal is to introduce alternatives that encourage the world’s youth to have a cooperation stretching over the continents , unchain their creativity and creating energies.

It is well-known that Africa, unfortunately, not the only area left behind—in respect of technological development, that is. At the same time there is a major chance for the people of this area—which partly missed out on the achievements of the first three industrial revolutions—to skip a couple of steps to become the beneficiaries of Industry 4.0.

It interprets easily

Achievements of the technologies growing exponentially, enhancing one another’s effect (e.g infocommunication, 3D printing, IoT, robotics, AI, biotech, etc.) are getting less and less expensive. At the same time the earlier underdeveloped areas now using renewable energy can become independent of networks and self-sustaining.

As far as ENVIENTA is concerned, it is not an insignificant question—among other things—that where our platform can find its target audience. As long as our goal is independent of the geographical characteristics of the technological developments, the point is the shortest way to get to a destination, focusing on the spot in the greatest need.

So, including the African continent in the world of open-source innovations feels like a challenge.

The sub-title of the book: “Life is a story, make it exciting”

There couldn’t be any better motivation than recognising the fact that we are the only creators of our fates, and joining our groups to become creative communities our forces will multiply. ENVIENTA project is also about that.

Standout is a stop-gap unapproached initiative. The publisher made the colportage free in schools, the profit coming from the commercial sales is used to finance local startups, expecting some major development in innovation.

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