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  1. ENVIENTA Platform—the platform is entering the so called soft launch phase, meaning that it will be ready to welcome the projects after finishing touches (GDPR compatibility, legal description,). This is where open source hardware innovations, cooperations, developments, new version follow-ups, etc. will be published and taken place. This platform is the heart of ENVIENTA open source project, therefore the whole ENVIENTA group is waiting for its start. We report everything in time.

2. ENVIENTA MakerSpace—due to EU funds one of our “Kollabor” place will be opening in Békéscsaba (Hungary). This project is very significant in the framework of ENVIENTA because it is  the base of data collecting and researches linked to ENV token’s functioning launched in the ICO. In brief the model of our token system will be tested here. Then, according to the feedbacks we      can improve the ecosystem of our token.

3. ENVIENTA EcoHouse—the first functioning prototype of the smarthouse project is under construction. Hardware innovation is highly in progress. We can give further information within several days. (to be up-to-date follow our medium channel!) You can read more about EcoHouse projects here:

4. ENVIENTA Education—we just have started to cooperate with several partners considering the development of our education program. In the frame of the pilot projects our partners are mainly elementary and high schools in Hungary. More infos of the education program of ENVIENTA is coming soon. You can read description of the program here:

Bounty program

In the bounty program in Ethereum blockchain we have made a so-called pre-token (pENV) compatible with ERC20. With these tokens we can compensate the ENVIENTA volunteers participating in the bounty program. Later on pENV will be swapped by ENV tokens.


We are still working on the token- launch, so called ICO. More specialists and developers have joined our group, who will be introduced here later. The elaboration of the legal framework is in process of completion. Our main goal is to complete a proper and legally reliable ICO. ENVIENTA has always been committed to the importance of transparency.

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