Do you want ENV tokens without having a mining rig? Just contribute with your work. Here is the howto!

If you are familiar with an ICO release you know that the Telegram or Slack channel of a project is full of with so-called “bounty hunters”. This is not a problem because they are the ones who make an ICO campaigns more complete. But what if you’re a bounty hunter? Read more!

Bounty basically means that a project will pay with the given ICO future tokens regarding the bounty hunter’s help/contribution in the campaign (as we also going to do that). If you are a treasure hunter here’s our offer:

We are looking for language correctors

Our ICO campaign is available in 10 different languages. The English and Korean versions have already been reviewed and rewritten into a professional way, but 8 of the following languages are still incomplete.

Depending on the size of the contribution it can worth up to 100 ENV (1 ETH at ICO sales rate).

Note: Bounty tokens will be assigned as soon as we have successfully closed the token sale.

Help us to get as many people as possible

Many major ICOs are preceded by a Pre-ICO, where they collect additional amounts of money for marketing and PR. The PR budget of most of these projects is so large that we could implement the first phase of our project, the training center. This is why we have decided the following: as in the other phases of the project, here we also would like to rely on our community, and instead of the familiar channels we would support you with tokens. We are looking for bloggers who talk about us, those who write about us on Twitter, opinion leaders, administrators of a large Facebook groups, etc. The list is of course not complete. If in any way you can help us to get as many people as possible, look for ENVIENTA Bounty Campaign Telegram group and let’s talk about this. Your help will be rewarded with ENV tokens.

Finding errors/bugs in a Smart Contract

Before the ICO, we will be publishing our smart contract on GitHub. If you find any errors/bugs in our smart contract and you tell us, you can expect a big reward.

Help us and let’s do something great together!

If you have any ideas on the top of these, please contact us and let’s discuss it. ENVIENTA has been talking about the community from the beginning. We can do great things together. Be part of this! We can reward your work with ENV, which we hope will become a valuable currency in the long run. But more importantly, you are involved in a project that has a social benefit far beyond its economic benefit.

The ENVIENTA ICO campaign page is available here:

ENVIENTA Telegram Channel (English):


If you can help us, please come to ENVIENTA Bounty Campaign Telegram group or drop a message to with ENVIENTA ICO BOUNTY as a subject. Thank you in advance!


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