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Since we have published the latest version of the white paper, a lot of things have happened, which might not even be crammed in only one entry. What is certain is that the development is steaming way ahead, our team has expanded, the prototypes and demos are in the making (MVPs). To make a long story short we are doing our best to present most of the evident examples of our project in due time.

To sum it all up, the following main strategic steps and alterations were made:

  • KICKICO cancelled our campaign without any notice. Quite frankly we don’t understand it either but it motivated us to launchour own site for the ICO campaign, which you can find here: envienta.com
  • Since many people saw us as a “house building ICO” which is a false image, we shifted the focus from the physical intrastructure to the development of the well scalable ENVIENTA Platform. This certainly does not imply us not building houses (what is more our EcoHouse division is exactly is about this), it rather means that there will be open source for other technologies available as well in the form of downloadable plans.
  • Consequently the whole token ecosystem had to be completely remodelled because the 14 different use cases required a new form of solution:



  • Due to the new approach we had a much more accurate definition of the target group of ENV token users: the purpose of the token is not a holiday on the Canary Islands or paying for education any more because makers and projects, which are connected into the ecosystem via the platform, occur in the new model. Eventually investors, producers, distributors, customers, makerspaces and educational centres are going to join as well. Thus our project is going to be indefinitely scalable.
  • We have made a lite paper document as an addition, which sums up the essence of our project. It is available on the website as well.

Find ENVIENTA ICO white paper 7.0 here: http://envienta.com/downloads/envienta_white_paper.pdf


If you want to follow the ENVIENTA project, come and join our Telegram channel (in English): http://t.me/envienta


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