Interview with Attila Szilagyi, platform project manager of ENVIENTA

ENVIENTA is a community self-organized by people, who believe that actual challenges or crises (environmental and economical) coming up in the future cannot be solved efficiently by actual decision-maker mechanisms. ENVIENTA supporters are searching for the solutions on a global level with a holistic approach. That is why the idea of the online platform and mutually sharing knowledge have come alive. It has entered the development stage of alpha.

The reason for this interview is an online session that was held several days ago. The core members have reported who and for which section is responsible for and how are specific projects to be implemented. Members having no exact tasks yet have offered their knowledge to serve ENVIENTA projects in different ways. The main reason forthe meeting was the launch of ENVIENTA Platform and ICO.

It was great to hear that the planned ongoings of organizational and development phases are controlled by a specialist such as Attila Szilagyi, who has corporate experience for decades. I’ve talked to him on the phone about ENVIENTA’s decentralized knowledge-sharing platform.

The different groups are easy to find on the platform: startups, makers, users, manufacturers etc. I guess these are interoperable. When someone who registers first as a user, can later change to search partners as a startupper?

Yes, of course. Different types of users have different access levels. For example, the most important module?—?upload a new project?—?can only be used, if the user has access to that. If someone chooses more levels, all the rights attached to the levels will be available.

It was highlighted that the platform supports decentralized manufacturing aiming to lower costs and to eliminate the enormous ecological footprint of transportation as well.

Yes, therefore it is important to reach critical mass ASAP. This way, popular products may find local maker spaces and manufacturers.

How does platform make startup guys, developers with working plans interested to upload their intellectual products?

The ENVIENTA token, which is a cryptocurrency and works as an inner currency makes the separated spheres connected. For example, when a maker space or a manufacturer download a plan he pays with a token. The developer of the plan will get paid for it. In case of the downloader improves the plan according to his or her experiences from manufacturing or implementation or even keeps on developing it, he will be interested to upload the renewed plan, as he will payed with a token.

How do we know which plan to download?

The uploaded plans will be tagged according to: how far is the project considering implementation, manufacturing and evaluation. Our technical members will pre-evaluate each plan and “send” it to manufacturing. When there is a finished product out of it, the project gets into a higher level and will be tagged accordingly.

The home page of the website says this platform serves as a booster for startups. What makes it different from other platforms?

Startup search engines already exist, but there is no one that serves as a common platform for project developers, investors, manufacturers and users within a specific token ecosystem. This platform makes also available the evaluation of each other. It has a unique search module providing search on place/time/quantity. We will improve it with mobile push notification. It informs specific project members according to their system settings.

When will ENVIENTA launch the platform?

It was great to see during the last Zoom meeting that we have specialists for many sections. We are checking our resources and bottlenecks and working with a special matrix on the platform of ENVIENTA such as on scheduling of ICO. I say we are likely to start in October 2018.

The alpha phase of ENVIENTA Platform can be followed on the website:

If you are interested in further developments of ENVIENTA, please join our group on Telegram:


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