Adventures from Shenzhen to San Francisco

I have recently found Strange Parts, serial of American engineer Scotty Allen on YouTube. As an adventurer, maker, hacker he is ready to travel to the other side of the globe just get the answers to the questions making him excited. Scotty’s videos are so unique and amusing, and their way of thinking is so similar to ours, that the team of ENVIENTA started watching it. Here is the list of our favorite episodes.

What Parts do You Need to Make Your Own iPhone?

Scotty made a video of how to make a 16GB iPhone 6S. He shows us what parts and what kind of technologies do we need to fix it.

How do we prepare anything for ourselves?

Scotty often hangs out in Noisebridge in San Francisco, one of the first and longest running hackerspaces in the US. The place runs upon the philosophy of do-ocracy which means: If you want something done, do it, but remember to be excellent to each other when doing so.

Hopefully, the videos succeeded to pique your interest in maker’s culture and makerspaces.

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