ENVIENTA Hungary at Gyüttment Festival

Gyüttment Festival 2017 was held in Oszkó, Hungary 24th-27th August. ENVIENTA Hungary could not be absent from the event this year, so everyone at hand who was also in Hungary at the time (we are an international movement after all) visited the location. We even had our own ENVIENTA booth!

In a nutshell, Gyüttment Festival is something like the Hungarian equivalent of Burning Man (USA).

In a short interview about the festival itself, I’ve asked Tímea Györke (Földbárka Egyesület—Earthship Hungary):

What was Gyüttment Festival really about?

We dream of starting life anew. We dream about a free, soaring world, where we can live out our creativity. Where we create and produce in harmony with nature. Where being in a community is an experience, and where environmental awareness and an ecological lifestyle is flowing with out breaths. This is what Gyüttment Festival is all about. A community of people who are already on this road, looking for opportunities to support this lifestyle.

Who are representing us by name on this festival?

András Bachmann (ENVIENTA Makers), Tibor Gál (Földbárka Egyesület—Earthship Hungary, Hackerspace), Tímea Györke (Földbárka Egyesület—Earthship Hungary), Ferenc Takács (hobbit house builder), Gergő Nagy-Mélykúti (Eco Logical Films), as well as Sándor Koszecz (Életfa Kulturális Alapítvány—Tree of life Cultural Foundation) and Gábor Kiss (founder and leader of ENVIENTA) who also gave lectures on Sunday.

How does ENVIENTA conct to Gyüttment Festival as a movement?

ENVIENTA provides a platform for the aforementioned way of life and wants to connect people, relationships, in order to extract the potential within, giving way to a new reality. It combines a sustainable lifestyle with technology and wants to make this open source.

What did we gain from participating in this festival?

In four days we have had the opportunity to meet a great deal of people, who are interested in us. Projects can start along mutual connection points, intended to assist all our lives.

What value did we add to the festival?

We have represented ourselves at the festival with solar chargers, which is able to charge 12 cellphones simultaneously, proving that technology is an integral part of our lives.

What kind of reception did ENVIENTA receive at the festival?

The reception was very favorable. Most of the enquirers were young people, who received the information happily and openly. During the lectures, personal connections, as well as during relationship building the glow in their eyes demonstrated…something has begun.

p.s.: ENVIENTA Hungary got an invitation to be the co-organizer of Gyüttment Festival 2018 next year.

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