Comparing the ENVIENTA project with businesses typical for our era


The ENVIENTA project can be rather interpreted reflecting in the mirror of an upcoming global paradigm shift despite the fact that most of the elements can be found within the frames of the present paradigm. From a lot of aspects it is similar to other businesses but from even more aspects it is different. In our present article, we would like to present these similarities and differences and this way to provide a more thorough picture of the project.

…economic organization

We sometimes declare, ENVIENTA as a part of the sharing economy. In this respect, it is very similar to Uber or Airbnb. As Uber is the biggest passenger service business in the world without a single car or as Airbnb is the largest property-letting business without owning a single property, so can ENVIENTA soon become the world’s biggest product providing business without owning a single product or product line. The main point of the sharing economy is that if somebody is not actually using something, somebody else can use that thing for that period of time. This serves sustainability and in the meantime, it saves time, work, costs for everybody. To organize this whole thing, however, we need a surface where free cars, properties or capacity to manufacture a product could be managed, in our case, this is the ENVIENTA Platform.

Beyond this point, however, there are no more similarities with the above-mentioned businesses. ENVIENTA is a decentralized organization without a hierarchy, put in the hands of its members creating a whole community. Running expenses and the profit for our investors are covered from a very low, 3–5% transaction fee. All further profit from the transactions managed on the Platform increases the income of the participating members. The organization and the means of payment, the ENV token becoming more and more valuable, the increasing profit makes all the members wealthier. Anybody who joins in the activities can enjoy the benefits of the organization, those who use the Platform and get their tokens via their transactions can have automatic access to the organization membership.

…distributor of products

The ENVIENTA Platform can bear a resemblance with Amazon or other webshop-like models with the tiny difference, that on the Platform we give space to the distribution of open source products. There is, however, a much bigger difference. The right to produce open source products cannot be dispossessed, they can be manufactured by anybody, anywhere. The products available on the Platform are always produced locally at the nearest manufacturer and delivered from there. This directly leads to saving time, delivery fees and at the same time, to being more competitive than the other webshops.

Competitiveness is being further increased by the fact, that the products are manufactured on taking the order, so ENVIENTA does not need to maintain warehouses either which is also cost effective. Local production has two more advantages. It requires local workforce and supports cooperation which strengthens the local economy. Minimalising delivery reduces the stress on the environment and has a decreasing impact on the ecological footprint of the products.

…startup incubator

ENVIENTA is also a project supporting startup businesses, so it can be similar to well-known startup supporting companies like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. On these platforms, people are blindly investing their money in businesses they find attractive because they do not have any other point of reference than their own mere impressions. On the ENVIENTA Platform, however, there are everybody’s past records, because from the birth of the ideas to the production of the prototypes each phase is put into a publically traceable record. Furthermore, a preliminary market research is also available on the Platform among the members, which protects against failing both those who intend to start a business and those who invest.

40% of the startup businesses fail for the simple reason for not having a mass demand for the product they invented and they find it out too late. But ENVIENTA project is mainly different from similar businesses because the membership consists of all the characters in the economy necessary to distribute that product. The owner of the idea, developer, manufacturer, supplier, investor, the purchaser. And this eliminates a lot of problems. For example, it cannot happen that for a developed product there is no manufacturer in the end. The participants on the Platform are able to find each other well in advance and make agreements.

…open source hardware platform

The ENVIENTA Platform is also similar to open source hardware platforms like Maker Pro and Thingiverse. However, these are quite passive surfaces. There is not much more opportunity provided to users other than up and downloading documents and education materials and leaving comments. If, for example, a user finds a 3D printable product on these platforms they would like to use but do not own a printer, the only advice they get is to find a 3D printing place in the neighborhood. Cooperations that are more complex than this are not even asked for on these sites.

The ENVIENTA Platform, on the other hand, is a collaborative surface which is suitable for creating whole cooperations between the participants; to review and organize all working processes in one place. Anybody can be present on the ENVIENTA Platform, members can invite friends, and other people who are interested so anybody can be a partner for anybody at any time.

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ENVIENTA ♥ is an open source hardware-developing platform helping innovators, creators and makerspaces to connect with supporters and consumers in a decentralized cloud-manufacturing framework. At the early stage the project mainly focuses on solutions for sustainable living, home automation, green-energy and food production.


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