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We truly believe that intelligent devices, eco-houses and all other green, energy-safe, passive and eco systems (Smart, IoT) are the most important technological improvements and energy saving programmes of the next 20–40 years! Just imagine a luxurious low-cost and self-supporting house that can be built within several days and for much better price than with now-days technologies!

The intelligent central unit of an Ecohouse observes its environment and by a self-learning process optimize the energy usage ensuring the best living conditions.

It provides fresh air, maintains the ventilation, controls humidity meanwhile sets the temperature of the house. Furthermore, it closes and opens the windows and doors according to needs (e.g.: storm). It monitors with detectors and sensors all living circumstances, and completes the programmed tasks by unexpected events. For example if there is fire in the house it alarms and starts to complete the programme that was given to it.

There is a built-in meter that controls water and “grey-water” system (reused water from washing machine) that optimize and minimize water usage of the house. According to needs many other kind of devices such as face detection system can be built in.

The ECOHOUSE system and the ICU has much more function, than the above mentioned. It is easy to customize using the touch-screen of the ICU.

The SPS group is working and developing these kind of technologies for many years, making them available for average people! The innovations are tested by people aged between 4–90. The main goal is: easy handling and flexibility.

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