Product development supported by ENVIENTA—Part 2.

Because of the climate change, we have to begin the shift to technologies with low carbon emission by 2020 such as other EU countries have to consider the energy efficiency of buildings. By that time the minimum of 25% of the energy supply must come from renewable resources. The regulation applies to new and old houses the same way. Emission must be reduced by 80% in the European Union until 2050.

Best way to reduce emission is to choose resources carefully and to maximize the potential impact of the produced energy. Accordingly, the right constructional technology (eg.: insulation) and the appropriate energy-control need to be done.

Passive houses have the best efficiencies nowadays. Energy control is provided the easiest and the most effective way by a smart system. In case we combine the two of them the result is the most innovative eco-friendly house to be built of our age.

The EcoHouse project supported by ENVIENTA and Special Software is aiming to develop an intelligent passive eco-house. We have already published an article how does an EcoHouse work. In the future, we will report regularly of the state of the innovation of the EcoHouse.

Present state

As you can see in the pictures above, our developers have moved forward, from theories to actions. They have constructed the model of a smaller EcoHouse, sized 15 square meters (approx 160 square foot). In order to be well-prepared they have wired the whole house pretty well with cables then the electricity and the internet connection was built out. Right now the units of the smart system are to be implemented. The main goal is to create a pilot environment in order to test the EcoHouse in the use phase.

Meanwhile, another innovation process is on, too. We have started to develop a miniature ecohouse, a dollhouse, that serves as an educational tool for kids. It helps the kids to explore and understand the functioning of a smart house, an early age already. The dollhouse size is 80×80 cm (approx 30×30 inch), it runs on solar energy, and has household tools in small sizes. It’s smart system signs whether they are used properly.

A whole product package will be elaborated. According to the plans, the dollhouse will be produced in a larger size and can be used as a bed, too. There will be smart rooms in the size of 6–8–15 square meters (approx 65–90–160 square foot). The end result, of course, is the EcoHouse, a complex intelligent house where all the daily routine of a household is done even if we are not home.

These innovations serve not only the comfort of us but are to support a sustainable future. Smart homes are the most effective with resources (switching off the light after we are gone, using grey-water etc.).

The innovations are open source, all the results will be published on ENVIENTA Platform. In the near future, anyone can download the plans, the lists of the items and assembling.

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