Auroville literally means City of Dawn and this experimental township was established by Mirra Alfassa in 1968 with the purpose to realize human unity.


Auroville is a project of Sri Aurobindo Society and as such its vision is to act as a universal township that sees no kind of discriminations. Here people from different nations, religion, color and political affinity could live together in peace, sincerity and truth. The place is meant to bring together populace of goodwill who aspire for a better world.


The social system of Auroville comprises inhabitants of fifty nationalities with Indians dominating the scene. People from different countries stay together in various neighborhoods and so these neighborhoods have been named in diverse world languages such as Sanskrit, Tamil, French and English. To be a part of Auroville a person should serve the Divine Consciousness on his or her own accord and help in maintaining peace and harmony in the township.


The economy of Auroville is of evolving nature. Here people do not use paper or coin currency but rather each individual is provided with an account number that is connected to the central account. The government of India finances just a small portion of the township’s budget. The major part comes through the town’s commercial unit. Auroville also get funds through donations. Moreover, it is a custom of the town that each inhabitant would have to voluntarily contribute monetary, physical and other types of assistances for the betterment of society. Even the guests of Auroville pay up a daily fee in the form of guest contribution constituting towards a part of the township’s budget. However, according to “maintenance system” needy residents would be provided a monthly fund for the basic maintenance of the self.

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