Interview with Sándor Koszecz, founder of KOLLABOR and organisational developer of ENVIENTA

I have made an interview with one of our activist and team member Sándorral Koszecz. He is the president of Életfa Cultural Foundation. He had recently won the second place of a brainstorming competition organised by the world’s largest HR company. He is also the manager of the organisational section of ENVIENTA. I have interviewed him about the new makerspace in Békéscsaba that is under construction.

What means KOLLABOR? Is it the name of the place or of a cooperational system?

This was my first question to Sándor who is just implementing into reality the vision of ENVIENTA
This is the name of the natural science theme park which is financed by EU fund. When we were writing the call for proposal our idea was to make a makerspace, a place for the youth as a technological playground. But when I see it as an institution providing tools and place for ideas to be worked out, it can even become a startup innovation hub.

What kind of technologies will be available in KOLLABOR?

We have 10 different areas which will be elaborated step by step. One of them is to experience the correlation between sport and nervous system. We will use special biofeedback and neurofeedback tools to experience and create the scientific feedbacks.

What does it mean?

It means that visitors can try a mobile EEG tool that is put on the head. Or they can even experience how to make devices move with their brain, using a specific neurofeedback tool.

So far it sounds for me as the natural science exhibition center Futura, in Mosonmagyaróvár. What makes KOLLABOR different?

KOLLABOR is not a place for exhibition but a place for making and experiencing. It is a classical makerspace. There is a section with tools, CNC milling and laser cutting machine, we just call itt “wood-yard”. This is the place for the so-called dirty technology. In the section for clean technology will be the microelectronic tools, robotics, central units and a 3D printer. This will serve as a common creative place, as well.

At what stage are the preparations for KOLLABOR?

The project is on. We do the constructional works in 240 square meters in the Library of Békés County, that is our consortium partner. We are already purchasing the machines. In September when the school starts we have to be ready, too. We have cooperational agreements with 21 educational institutions in the county. According to our plan 6720 students will be involved in our project.

As you are a teacher, as well, the next question might be prickly, but: how much does KOLLABOR must fit present educational system? I could even question, does KOLLABOR aim to prepare the students for the ongoing 4th industrial revolution?

We do collaborate with the schools, of course. But it is not our goal and not even our task to teach kids the curriculum. I see the problem of our educational system, using 100–150 years old techniques, which contains to teach through experiencing, as well. But the possibilities of an average school to teach via experiencing the subjects are very limited. That is the point where we can assist. It means not only showing things. We do no tell the kids what to explore and experience. We just give them the place and the opportunity to do that. The community inspires all that.

What is the link between KOLLABOR and ENVIENTA? What does KOLLABOR do with vision and platform of ENVIENTA?

Beside the kids we involve young people and adults, too. They can experience ohw an idea becomes reality through a making process. Platform of ENVIENTA together with technological background of KOLLABOR (and other makerspaces joining ENVIENTA later on) is just like a manufactory producing everything. It makes possible to download from the platform the plan of product worked out on the other side of the world. But even our own ideas and plans can be manufactured here, and find global market via ENVIENTA.

What do you plan to do during establishing and running KOLLABOR?

As I mentioned before, there will be a section for sport and nervous system. This belongs to private level. There is a nutrition section with kitchen experience. This place is a transition as well to common section. The common area gives place for product development, developing smart cities and robotics. We have place for local tourism experience, as well. All of our activities are published on website. Water and soil play a very important role in our project, first of all because the county is rich of them, secondly they are partly renewable resources and thirdly they are significant natural resources of XXI. century

Are you ready to use the cryptocurrency of ENVIENTA, as well? I mean if the students want to download a plan from ENVIENTA’s platform, the school will buy ENV tokens?

Anyone can download plans from the platform for private use and for education, that is our goal. But if someone want to download out of school time and with business purpose, it can be done only using ENV tokens. It is very simple, because it works like using bank card. Bank cards do not have any money on it, but the information of the usable amount.

So far, I think I see what you are doing. You have mentioned earlier that KOLLABOR might have a significant impact on students future chance in further education. I was thinking, it looks good in a C.V. that someone knows how to use 3D printer, CNC milling and being part of an international group (via ENVIENTA Platform). But I believe now that guys experiencing the functioning and working style of KOLLABOR—freedom of creativity of independent and teamwork—will not searching jobs for long. Am I right?

That is the point. I find it important to make a change in people’s mind, when mentioning entrepreneurship they think of an entrepreneur who is creating real value, not of someone just manoeuvring. From a wider point of view, seeing not only the machines it will be a very inspiring place. And it has a strong connection with our second main vision, to have something that is worthed to move back home for. I do not have to explain it for you too deeply, as you are from Békés County as well. It seems to work already. There is a young tutor couple moving back just because of Kollabor project.


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